Our Backbone: Volunteers

Volunteers Mentorship Programs

We facilitate the transition between generic to skilled based volunteerism for youth in Jeddah. We provide those who are requesting to join the incubation process with the latest and most needed tools & knowhow that will be useful during their journey of giving.


Our volunteer mentorship program is designed to enable youth who are working towards maximizing their impact in a specific and skilled based volunteering journey.


The program is offered for independent groups or groups that are part of an educational or a professional entity.

Dee's Mentees

Ihyaa Group: an outstanding group of talented architects who are on a mission of renovating damaged schools across different deserving neighborhoods in Jeddah.

Duration of Mentorship program: 12 months 

Number of schools renovated: 3

Jeddah Reads: Literacy advocates and create believes in the power of reading and learning. Jeddah Reads are spreading knowledge and knowhow buy building libraries across deserving schools in Jeddah and organizing book collection events and literacy awareness talks and workshops. 

Duration of Mentorship program: On going

Number of Libraries built: 2

Number of workshops and literacy awareness events: 4

Dar Wujd: A Learning center, located in the heart of deserving neighborhoods in Jeddah and dedicated for children who are unable to attend schools and learn. The center offer vocational training courses and language classes for kids and it is run by Dar Wejd founders and volunteers. 

Duration of Mentorship program: On going

Our Mentorship Portfolio: