Deeds is a social enterprise that offers innovative, sustainable and measurable solutions in the field of social development and community impact. 


Our core objective is to enhance the lives of members living in our community through the activation of various sustainable social projects and building bridges between different members of the community.


Our Social projects are usually powered by engaging corporates, NPO, social Investors and diverse community members. 

We are innovative, inspirational and we intent on changing the world one good deed at a time.




Co-Founder, Development Consultant


Co-Founder, Project Manager 

We work with three primary groups

to apply needed community solutions and achieve greater impact



We provide intensive mentorship programs for skilled volunteers.


Our incubation process will enable volunteers with tools and knowhow needed to maximize their impact and unleash their full potentials

We cater designed services to the CSR & community outreach departments in corporate organizations.


We specialize in CSR development, execution & reporting in addition to corporate volunteer programs.  

Impact investors

We design sustainable community solutions based on the passion and direction of the impact investor.


We apply the human centric design approach in planning, execution & reporting phase.


Deeds for Social Impact is a mission-driven business creating value for clients and partners in the Middle East by supporting responsible, impactful and sustainable community projects.

We design and execute innovative and sustainable community projects and we provide consultancy in the field of community development and innovation.  We deliver value through our advisory, networks, events, intelligence and passion,

Get into the world and do well, but more importantly
get into the world and do good

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